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Business and Private Affairs Management in Finland

knowledge is capital

Creative problem solving

There is a solution for all the challenges. Whether your challenge is application bureaucracy, profitability, legal certainty or business planning – We will help you to find the right solution for everything!

Private Consulting

Work permits, citizenship issues, Kela-bureaucracy, legal problems, human rights in Finland, personal taxation and all other Finnish bureaucracy issues.

Business Consulting

Establishment of companies, accounting, funding, corporate taxation, business planning, alcohol and hygiene permits and all other Finnish bureaucracy issues.


Online Consulting

Sales and marketing planning, online service designing, web page optimizing and search engine visibility, social media and all other online issues.

Figures matters

What's behind your numbers?

Let us analyze the crucial numbers of your business – There is always some money waiting to be discovered, it is just hidden behind the numbers. There may be savings in contract bidding, the opportunity to apply for funding, increase operational efficiency, overconsumption or possibility to increase sales.

+ 5 %
Funding raised
- 1 %
cost savings


A layout that flows

We provide lean advise and consulting for small and medium businesses who have understood the importance of being online. Contact us and see how we can help your business grow.

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